T-Sticks & Wands by Dr. White

Many people use electric toothbrushes, not only because nearly every dentist recommends them to each of their clients, but because they are the best means of keeping teeth clean and plaque free.

Magic T-Stick by Dr. White is a 2 in 1 sonic toothbrush offering over 22,000 strokes per minute of sonic frequency, compared to the old-fashioned, manual way of approximately 300 strokes per minute.  Magic T-Stick not only provides a better rapid motion because of its sonic frequency, but it also self-sanitizes after each brushing, killing 99.9% of the bacteria on a toothbrush after a cleaning.

Designed for an on the go lifestyle, the Magic Wand provides a slim and fashionable sonic toothbrush with a vibrant case.  With 8 stylish designs for both men and women, the Magic Wand will fit right into a purse, briefcase, or bag. Battery operated; the Magic Wand is capable of up to 22,000 strokes per minute compared to the old fashioned way of 300 strokes per minute by hand.   Dr. White has provided a stylish way to stay on of oral hygiene, even on the go!