About Us

Beauty9 was founded to bring you, our customers, the most innovative and exciting beauty products and accessories available from around the 4 corners of the world. From the amazing MakeUp Miser to the DV LIghted Mascara,  we look for the best and unusual in the beauty world.


We are not a big strip mall beauty chain store or giant online megastore; we are just a small nimble business, created with an ever-growing cast of excellent people who really do care about finding the freshest and highest quality beauty products on the market today.


Many of our products have been the buzz of the beauty world when we introduced them and have won numerous awards for being new, innovative or, for just plain doing what we said they would.

“Bigger is Always Better”  - - - Nope that’s not us either! Quality of product and service is what we are passionate about and what our customers expect and that’s why we believe in DIY and we do it every day. We are convinced that only when we do it ourselves can we be 100% certain that we deliver on our promises to you, our customers, and after all, that’s why we are here.


If it came from us - we chose it, ordered it, quality controlled it, warehoused it, packed it and shipped it. We don’t think you should ever settle for less than the best customer service that we can offer and that’s our goal every day.


“We all make mistakes and that’s a Guarantee!”  - - - But, If you buy anything from us, be at peace. If it ever breaks or fails to live up to your expectations, or even if you just don’t like it, send it back, and we will refund your purchase price including the shipping both ways – no questions - no small print – no worries - just reliable, honest customer service.


Stay in touch and please let us know what you think of us or just send us a mail to say hi at info@beauty9.com


Thanks for visiting our site....give us a try.....you will not be disappointed.